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What is Finance Accelerator?

Finance Accelerator is the leading F&I Sales Management System that helps you maximise your profit by raising the performance in all critical F&I areas – Penetration, Income Per Unit and Volume – all while maintaining high customer satisfaction.

Awesome Features

Finance Accelerator is designed for the F&I business – especially automotive dealers, financiers, insurers and brokers; a web-based solution operates in real-time to deliver measurable results within your operation.

Improve Sales Process

Electronic Document Signatures

Access customer signatures remotely for faster processing.

Equity Mining

With integration to Op2ma’s Ri-gnr8, users can mine their database for all equity, parity and insurance opportunities.

Mobile & Tablet Compatible

Allows F&I sales and reports to be more portable and flexible.

Point of Sales & Menu Selling tools

Provide a best-practice and consistent sales methodology.

Improve Management


Allows dealers and enterprise to run competitions and track results in real-time.

Performance Tracking

Extensive analytics that track sales and performance in real-time.

Survey Tools

Real-time email or SMS surveys of both F&I sales and lost sales.

Daily F&I Reports

Sends a daily snapshot report to users and management.


Live report to show the current leader in revenue achieved.

Increase Productivity & Efficiency

Credit Integration

Capture credit applications and transmit to your lender with minimal keystrokes.

Commission Reconciliation Tools

Reduces administration time on managing commission adjustments at end of month.

DMS Integration

Seamless live flow of over 50 data fields from the DMS to Finance Accelerator.

Document Storage

Allows critical customer documents needed for approval to be stored in the F&I log.

Document Upload

Upload payslips, proof of identity, etc directly to the customer log.

Custom Home Screen

Customise layout to suit individual user.

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