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Our broker edition is built to meet the specific needs of the broking world. This version accommodates the additional parameters around controls and compliance obligations. You can have a live feed from website enquiries straight into Finance Accelerator creating all sorts of efficiencies around prospect management. And of course the solution is customisable to accommodate your business structure and processes.

Eliminate Paperwork Hassle

Bonus Payment Allocation

Allocate your Volume Bonus and AWR bonus evenly or by amount financed or weighted automatically. This means no waiting for your statement. You can also project figures for planning.

Calculates Special Rates

No more trying to separate a special campaign from the normal day-to-day rates. You can easily exclude rate automatically to ensure fair and always correct.

Calculates Commission

This will save you time and ensure accuracy at all times. You will never have to do time-consuming manual calculations again.

Downloadable Sales Data

Filter and download sales logs into Excel. This is ideal for making sales forecast or matching sales to employees or matching payments.

Finance Commission Report

Generate downloadable report by supplier, and match paid commission against commission statement.

Income Adjustment

Make income adjustments directly within the system to reflect current month. Download and matched against the actual commission and income.

Insurance Commission Report

Search and generate report by supplier and product so that it is easy to compare against commission statement and commission paid up.

Insurance Only Report

Search on all your insurance products and generate printable reports. Identify missed opportunities as you monitor insurance sales.

Multiple Search Fields

Create custom reports by selecting a combination of specific search fields. This makes delivering the correct information easy and accurate always.

PDF Download

With the click of a button, sales reports can be downloaded as PDFs for easy distribution via emails, or printed for meetings.

Sell More F&I

Multi-dimensional Menu

Increase your F&I sales with our multi-dimensional menu; customize it to suit your business and user requirements.

Menu Sales Aid

Set up the menu with information to help improve the buying experience. Illustrate the benefits of the products to make buying easy.

Digital Signature

Email or SMS a menu quote to a customer. They sign on their device using their mouse or directly on their phone screen. The signature is captured automatically and populates all preliminary finance documents and is time and date stamped. A great solution for remote customers!

Multiple Menu Option

Customize your menu with up to 14 products for each option. Give customers a sense of transparency as you present multiple options for them to choose.

Email Document

Email documents to customers and keep track of the status. Customers will be able to sign off documents and acknowledge without having to come back to the office.

SMS Document

SMS documents to customer and track the status when the customer received it. Customers can sign off on the screen via their mobile phone and signature and date is embedded in the document.

Menu Selling

Set the products you want to sell so that brokers can spend more time with customers and offer all products, all the time. Make it easy for customers to buy.

Reduce Double Handling

Web Integration

Have your website leads collected from Finance Accelerator. Integration of your website leads so they are collected within Finance Accelerator and the customer is quoted.

Transmit to Financier

Transmit application to financier from Finance Accelerator.

SMS or Email

Have the ability to have your privacy form, quote and credit guide emailed to customers at multiple stages.

Search Customer’s Previous Records

This allows you to locate an existing customer’s records. This streamlines the process of taking new applications for your current customers.

Menu Quoting

Have the ability to quote through the menu for your finance and insurance products and produce the quote within minutes.

Complete Sales Record

Store all the customer’s details in the one location which is easily accessible and can be viewed at any time.

Transmit Application for Signing via Email or SMS

Once the application has been completed in Finance Accelerator this can be emailed or SMS to the customer for signing. The signature will then populate where required and be saved in the Finance Accelerator.

Marketing & Referral Fees

Have the ability to take out the referral and marketing fees from each transaction to give a true income figure.

Track Success and Performance

Aggregated Reports

Create an overview of the group’s performance or the full breakdown of each department. Display the result as a whole and get a live snapshot instantly.

Annual F&I Summary

Track finance and insurance sales (LIVE) over the year in a single report. This also gives monthly breakdowns that you can make comparisons against.


Show the monthly breakdown in graphs and track trends over time. The dashboard also allows you to search for the outcomes of the reports and present them in graphs for analysis.

Broker Analytics

Compare performance between Brokers. Generate results in graphs and reports for analysis and planning in seconds.

Broker Award Program

Set targets and in-house rewards programs to motivate your Brokers and create friendly competition within and between departments.

Broker Report

Drill down to see the performance of each Broker. Easily generate these reports for sales meetings or performance reviews.

Customer Survey

Survey customers for feedback about their experience with your business. Deploy the surveys via email and receive the results instantly when customers respond so that you can act on them immediately.

Customisable Home Screen

Set the HOME screen in Finance Accelerator to display only the reports that you are interested in monitoring when you log in.

Daily Reports

Receive daily reports via email to get an overview of how the department is performing. Track performance daily to get a clear overview.

Finance Dashboard

Search for the outcomes of the reports and present these in graphs for quick analysis.

Finance Only Reports

Generate reports based only on the results for finance-related products only, and drill down to extract details relevant to your finance reporting.

Insurance Dashboard

Make queries for specific outcome to build a summary of insurance sales by products. Customize reports and graphs for presentation and analysis.

Income Dashboard

Generate reports based on income by source for analysis and planning. This is also great for presentations and meetings.

Insurance Dashboard

Make queries for specific outcome to build a summary of insurance sales by products. Customize reports and graphs for presentation and analysis.

Insurance Supplier Report

Create an overview of your suppliers for comparison, and see the information and business you have given to each supplier.

Location Analytics

Compare locations based on specific KPI’s. Generate graphs and reports for presentation and analysis.

Report for Total Income

With Live Total Income reporting, there will be no surprises. Easily forecast income against budgets to ensure that the business is on track.

Report for Penetration

Compare penetrations outcomes for products against retail sales. This is excellent for identifying where training needs and product knowledge is required.

Track All Quotes

Easily monitor all deals and results by making quote visible to selective users. Assign deals to other Brokers and improve transparency.

Referral Reports

Track your referrals and see who provides the most and the results on these leads.

Improve Compliance

Dedicated Server

Improve your system performance by storing your data and documents on your own dedicated server backed by Amazon.

Finance Application

Fill out and submit standard applications from within the system to the Financier. At the moment, we are connected to Alphera.

Document Upload

Eliminate the need to file printed documents by saving them directly to the system from each user’s workstation. These documents are organized for secure and easy access.

Full Hierarchy

Customize your users access based on the structure of your organization so that each user can only access information relevant to their role.

Full NCCP Compliant

Your customers will have full disclosure of products and information managed according to their role in your hierarchy.

Secure Login

All users will have individual secure login so that transactions are tracked through login IP addresses.

High Security Access

To meet regulatory compliance, all users are on our highly secure network, and the database is backed up daily.

Unique Document Storage

Easily upload and organise documents by scanning them into the system directly. Documents are securely archived against the individual customer and easily accessible at any time.

Lockable Sales

Once commission is paid, you can lock the sale so that it cannot be adjusted. This gives you complete control over each transaction and prevents sales manipulation.

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